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What is SmartWillPro?

SmartWillPro (SWP) provides estate planning templates designed to assist lawyers and their assistants to quickly and efficiently draft:

• simple or complex wills,

• multiple wills (primary, secondary, tertiary),

• trusts (within wills) including Henson trusts,

• powers of attorney, and

• related documents, e.g., codicils, affidavits.

SmartWillPro is for Lawyers who:

• want to spend less time drafting wills and powers of attorney while increasing accuracy and efficiency,

• don’t believe in cookie-cutter wills but still want the time and cost savings that technology offers,

• want non-lawyers (under supervision) doing parts of the work at much lower cost,

• want reduced risk that can result from repetitive information being verified once, not every time it is used,

• want a will/POA drafting tool that allows for review of clients’ estate planning goals and tailoring of documents to suit those goals,

• have clients who may need up to four levels of executor or attorney appointments,

• serve families concerned about disability and health issues and who need documents that address those needs,

• want to easily draft multiple wills (primary, secondary and tertiary).

SmartWillPro Features

• Easy-to-use, does not require specialized computer knowledge.

• More than 150 built-in clauses allow drafting of documents tailored to client needs.

• Optional table of contents in wills.

• Trusts (in wills) for spouses, children, grandchildren, beneficiaries with disabilities.

• Outputs to a Word document for further editing and customizing.

• Templates updated to reflect significant changes in the law.

• Answer files provide input to user-developed templates.

What does SmartWillPro cost?

Try before you buy: 30-day free trial  – First user at a law firm: $695 + hst annually – Other user at same firm: $495 +hst annually.

Click here for our brochure: SmartWillPro brochure

Contact donna@donnaneff.com for more information.